My name is Daisy Wanzala, and I am the CEO and founder of DW Communications - a public relations, marketing and communications company that offers world-class public relations and marketing solutions to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enable them have an equal playing field with big corporations, convert their products into sales and most importantly, create and convey their brand messages in a more convenient and effective way to their target audience.
I call myself the daughter of the universe because it took a lot of people to get me to where I am, some whom I know and others whom I don’t.

I joined United States International University – Africa in the year 2012 pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, just after I had lost my mother. I was emotionally unstable and helpless because I didn’t know how I would fit in with all the stereotypes (it was only meant for the rich) that were attached to this incredible institution.
Let’s face it, for a girl like me there was a 1% chance of making it. But that was not the case; I found my tribe - young, innovative and creative people who had incredible aspirations of becoming the best version of themselves with mentorship and guidance from the knowledgeable lecturers and staff.

I was lucky enough to receive two scholarships that contributed immensely to my education; one from the Mel Kol Foundation and the other was the USIU-Africa Work Study Program. This was a turning point in my life, not only because I could now study peacefully, but also because someone cared enough to take a chance on my dreams and aspirations - something that as made me forever indebted to humanity and my university!

Talent and youth are the currency of this generation - something that USIU-Africa is heavily invested in, by ensuring students are engaged in degree programs that inculcate such values as how to learn and think critically, participation in various clubs such as AIESEC and various exchange programs. These opportunities gave me a broader world view other than that which I was accustomed to back home in Busia County.

As if that was not enough, the multi-cultural environment made me an all-rounded individual who developed excellent communication and people skills, which are the core of my business today, after graduating with an impressive GPA in the year 2015.

Being the only survivor from a family of five makes me accountable to my ancestry and generations to come for what I do with my time here on earth. I have learnt how to make use of a given moment, seek opportunities and break barriers as I try to seek perfection. Someone once asked me what was my greatest achievement in life, and honestly I believe it had to be my next project.

Since I want more responsibility and accountability in life, I took a leap and auditioned for BLAZE BYOB by Safaricom - a television program that brings together 12 young entrepreneurs from across the country to engage with different brand partners such as Kenya Airways, Masoko and M-Kopa Solar just to mention but a few. The contestants undertake different challenges as they compete against each other in order for one to become the ‘last boss standing’!

My experience at BLAZE BYOB has been incredible and beyond measure as I have moved outside my comfort zone in public relations and marketing, to learn various professional skills in such fields as finance and logistics, and how to always put the client first! Other than fulfilling my passion in media relations at Blaze, one thing I have learnt for sure is that there is room for more creativity and innovation, that only we the millennials can execute!

Just like Dr. Nelson Mandela, Prof. Wangari Maathai, Oprah Winfrey or Steve Jobs, may we never quit dreaming regardless of those who cannot fathom the depth of our
thinking, the width of our imagination and the audacity of our aspirations.

So here is to us! The outliers! Creators and innovators!