USIU-Africa’s cultural extravaganza finally kicks off from March 13-15, right here on campus.

For years USIU-Africa has celebrated Culture Week, as a way of bringing members of our diverse University community together. Currently, the 74 nationalities represented in our student and faculty communities, make USIU-Africa truly unique as authentic perspectives from all over the world are shared during the three-day fete.

This year’s showcase begins on Tuesday with a walking parade by the participating nationalities, followed by presentations of dance, music, food, attire, and a research paper.

In line with this year’s theme - A glimpse of the world in our own backyard - 25 nationalities will present their respective cultures during the two-day exhibition in the tents behind the cafeteria, followed by a grand concert on Thursday evening in a mega dome located next to the hockey pitch.

Advance tickets to the grand concert are available in front of the cafeteria and at entrance to the Freida Brown Students Center, for KES 2000 (VIP) and KES 300 (regular).

On Thursday, tickets will be available along the road leading to the dome KES 2500 (VIP) and KES 350 (regular).

Everyone is encouraged to attend the concert and appreciate not just the exceptional culture performances, but the hard work the communities and Committee have put in preparing for this Culture Week finale.

“It’s rare that you get such an opportunity to physically interact with people from all over the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see.” - MS. IVY WANDIA, Culture Week Committee Vice-Chairlady