As part of USIU-Africa’s move to become paperless, as well as seek innovative solutions that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness, the Division of Information Communication and Technology, Legal Services and Finance divisions, together with Coseke Ltd trained members of staff on how to use the new Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) on Friday, January 26.

EDMS is a software system that provides a comprehensive solution for managing the creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, and disposition of records and information assets of an organization.

The EDMS system which will be up and running from March 1, 2018, seeks to streamline, improve and simplify the University’s procurement process by placing it onto an online platform, where users will be able get email alerts once the procurement process is initiated, when digital signatures are appended at various approval stages, and LPO reference links are updated, to inform the client, that the vendor is already working to deliver the goods or services.

In addition, the system will also digitalize the contract renewal and policy management processes, in which client departments will receive alerts when a contract or a policy is due to expire or at the beginning of the contract or policy renewal process, digital signatures appended at various approval stages and downloadable reports on the status of the contract or the policy.