Mr. Eric Ongwen (IR Freshman) and Ms. Akual Awer (Criminal Justice Studies Sophomore) are the new Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa 2018.
The duo were crowned during the final of this year’s edition of Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa held on Thursday, November 23 at the CK Square, Two Rivers Mall.
The annual pageant is organized by the Student Affairs Council to select the two students who can best represent their fellow students, as well as raise funds for a recognized charity - for this edition it was the Al Tawoon Education Center located in one of the Nairobi’s informal settlements, Korogocho.
The Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza and the Associate DVC-Student Affairs Prof. Wangari Mwai both congraluted the students for qualifying for the final, while the Student Affairs Council Chair, Mr. Chad Naggi congratulated the organizing team for a job well done.
A panel of judges considered the sixteen contestants’ confidence, stage presence, creativity, and personality not only during the final, but also over the last twelve weeks of preparation for the pageant.
Joseph Gordon (APT Sophomore) and Mehreen Ahamed (Pharmacy Sophomore) came second, while Feizal Ahmed (HRM Freshman) and Bakashaba Blessing (IR Junior) followed.
Other title winners included APT Senior Aakash Barot (Mr. Community Service), Finance Sophomore Nelly Maina (Miss Community Service); Accounting Sophomore Adan Mohamed (Mr. Talent) and Journalism Junior Mercy Onyango (Miss Talent); IBA Sophomore Ambrose Mugume (Mr. Congeniality) and finally IBA Junior Mercy Mwendwa (Miss Congeniality).
The entrance fees will fund construction of additional classrooms at AlTawoon Education Center, making the institution eligible for government support.