Based on the theme “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all” activities from Tuesday, November 21 to Thursday, November 23, were aimed at increasing the university community’s awareness on disability matters.
Kenya Community Centre for Learning, Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY), Compassionate Hands for the Disabled Foundation, and Deaf Haven International partnered with students living with disability to conduct a wheel chair race, crutches walk, sign language training, and blind folding games. Tents set up behind the cafeteria, provided students with an opportunity to have their questions answered regarding the experiences of people with disability.
The final day featured a panel discussion at the auditorium where Ms. Freidah Mona (MA Counseling Psychology), Miss Regina Mugure (IR, sophomore), and Ms. Whitney Ngigi (Psychology, sophomore), shared their experience as students living with disability. The discussion touched on the soon-to-be-launched Policy on Quality Access of People with Disabilities and Special Needs, as the university strives to maintain a disability-friendly environment.