The New Economic Venture Accelerator (NEVA) has organized a Design Thinking for Business Innovation training sessions for NEVA members to equip them entrepreneurs with practical design thinking skills.

The training is conducted by Mr. Stanley Gichobi and Mr. Caesar Tuva, both of whom are co-founders of XD academy - an organization focused on training the next generation of social entrepreneurs and product developers by helping them understand the framework, logic and art behind user experience.

Each training session involves an introduction of different design thinking principles, which is followed by group discussions, focused on applying those principles to each group member’s enterprise.

The sessions, began on Thursday, October 5, and will run every Thursday at the Innovation & Incubation Center’s Research Lab. The objective of the training is to equip entrepreneurs with practical design thinking skills, design thinking is human cantered approach used in learning, collaboration and problem solving.

During each training entrepreneurs are taken through different design thinking principles then divided into groups where they work on applying those principles to their business and discuss with each other. Group members are then expected to apply the solutions they discussed, the present the benefits and challenges they faced in the next session.

NEVA is the university’s venture accelerator, which was formed with the purpose of assisting students and alumni who have existing businesses or harboring business ideas, to solve current challenges or develop their ideas to fruition. Entrepreneurs are also provided with a working space at the Innovation and Incubation Center, on the third floor of the Freida Brown Student Center. Here, they can host business meetings as well as connect with other entrepreneurs.