Guest Lecture Fred Gituku 11072017 15
Mr. Fred Gituku (HR Manager, VIVO Energy – KE) spoke on “Ethics in the Workplace” to members of the Senior Experience (SENEX 4800) class taught by Ms. Christine Muthama on Tuesday, July 11.

In pursuit of a core university outcome – preparedness for career - the Placement and Career Services Office organized for two guest lectures for members of the Senior Experience (SENEX 4800) and the Investments (FIN4030) classes, on Thursday, July 11.

Mr. Patrick Huang, Chief of Staff at agrifinance firm Umati Capital, spoke on opportunities in his organization and across the financial sector, to members of the Investments (FIN4030) class taught by Mr. Sammy Lio (Lecturer in Accounting & Finance).Mr. Huang urged his audience to apply for entry-level rotational programs available through his company’s portal (

Later that evening, Vivo Energy Human Resources Manager Mr. Fred Gituku, spoke to members of the Senior Experience (SENEX4800) class on “Ethics at the Workplace”. He challenged students to display integrity at the workplace by developing and maintaining a strong values system.

Other services offered by the Placement and Career Services Office include job search planning, interview preparation, as well as curriculum vitae and cover letter writing. Students and faculty are encouraged to get in touch with the office through their email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to avail themselves of these services and more.


Public Lecture Rob Marchant 19072017 07 1

Dr. Rob Marchant, a member of the faculty at the University of York delivered a public lecture on “Human-Environment Interaction in East Africa: Past Changes and Future Challenges” on Wednesday, July 19 in the auditorium. Dr. Marchant described how the decrease of the elephant population in East Africa from the sixteenth to the twentieth century influenced human population migration, as well as cataclysmic wildlife and environmental decimation, whose effects are felt to this day.