Radio and television journalist Mrs. Amina Abdi Rabar, was hosted at the Lillian K. Beam’s TV studio by the USIU 99.9 FM team on Wednesday July 26, as part of the station’s Radio Mentorship Program.

Mrs. Rabar who hosts the Hits Not Homework Show at Capital FM and the K24 television morning talk show Alfajiri, was speaking to journalism students regarding their career choices. She recalled her interest and training in media which began as a backup plan, when her efforts to work in humanitarian organizations did work out.

When she emerged top of her class at the HomeBoyz Radio training school  - Music Technology Academy – she was offered and accepted a position at the radio station, and then focused on pro-bono gigs to build her reputation.

Urging her audience to draw inspiration from her story, Mrs. Rabar encouraged them to take risks, be quick at exploiting opportunities, be determined and ready to work hard to make their dreams come true. This, she said, is the only way to have create a winning work ethic.