The Youth Alliance for Leadership Development in Africa (YALDA) Club in conjunction with the World Youth Alliance hosted a Youth Summit on Friday, July 14 in the auditorium.  The summit whose theme was “Celebrating Youth Excellence” was attended by over 400 participants from various universities and corporate organizations, to discuss the challenges affecting contemporary youth in Africa.

Dr. Ngure wa Mwachofi performed the song ‘Jifunze mengi ya dunia’ (learn more from the world) emphasizing why youth should embrace African culture.He challenged participants to be proud of and embrace their African culture, while being aware of its negative elements. The next speaker Ms. Njoki Karwega challenged youth to view education as the most important qualification for ethical competitive leadership, asking them to remained focused, so as to achieve their goals in life.

Several participants were offered the opportunity to showcase their social action projects that demonstrated the value of taking advantage of available opportunities to alleviate social ills such as poverty and ignorance. The projects additionally engaged the government in bringing the issues facing young people to the fore, thereby accelerating their implementation.

The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the human person in policy and law through advocacy and education and culture.