Business Talk is a series by Prof. Scott Bellows, published weekly in the Business Daily (Kenya)

07 FEBRUARY 2014

By Scott Bellows

Nderitu passionately desired to expand his education to include an undergraduate degree from one of East Africa’s top private universities. The problem facing him - like many prospective students – is school fees. So, Nderitu took an innovative approach.

14 FEBRUARY 2014

By Scott Bellows

Nyagoha always saw herself as more than an employee in someone else’s company. She dreamed of being her own boss and changing Kenya through business formation. Over the course of the past ten years, from a university student, later to an MBA student

The road to owning and managing your own business often meets with potholes and bumps mixed in some measure with glories and success. The business world commonly knows that many business startups fail. We shall explore many of the startup failure issues and solutions in upcoming Fridays in the Business Daily. Let us focus, for now, specifically on businesses that have received investments from outsiders, such as venture capital.

Kenya experiences a wide diversity of cultural thinking that generates from thousands of years of historical economic activity. Likewise in the world, there exists four main ways of thinking: the African way, the European way, the South Asian way, and the East Asian way.

21 MARCH 2014

By Scott Bellows

Lulu enjoyed the freedom of running her own business. Over the years she grew to become the largest distributor of traditional African cloth to both large and small shops in and around Nakuru. Her customers valued her creative brands and consistently lower prices.