Business Talk is a series by Prof. Scott Bellows, published weekly in the Business Daily (Kenya)
Aruya rushed home excited to tell his wife the good news.  Last month he responded to a request for proposal from a leading health NGO in Kenya to conduct research on effective management techniques in healthcare institutions across East Africa.  Following a month of waiting with no feedback, he received a phone call from the Country Director informing him that he won the bid process and should start on the research the following month.

Kiriri toiled on his research project.  He framed some questions that he always pondered.  While working in banking, he noticed various trends among the managers around him.  Inasmuch, Kiriri formed opinions about his observations.  He decided to turn his observations into a Ph.D.  His main question revolved around if bank managers behave politely to employees, do tellers then perform better in their jobs?

George Mwinamo fought long and hard. He searched up and down. He sent out dozens of CVs hoping for the perfect job. Finally, George attains the coveted position of his dreams. Relieved, he prepares for his first day of work at his new job.

Agonizing hours upon hours waiting for results. One excuse given following another. We Kenyans first expected IEBC results from the 4th March general election within a few hours and then to trickle in consistently until a winner became apparent. But suddenly, stop…

28 MARCH 2014

By Scott Bellows

Naisola languished in her job as a marketing executive in one of Kenya’s leading deposit taking microfinance (DTM) institutions. She completed her MBA in 2010 and expected that the degree would launch her into a more meaningful career.

Ever receive a performance appraisal at work that contains feedback such as: “shows too much emotion”, “talks too much”, “too quiet for a leader”, or “overly sensitive”? Personalities reside in all of us. We start off as young children noticing that we react differently to various stimuli than our brothers, sisters, and neighbours.

17 January 2014

By Scott Bellows

Upon graduating with his MBA, Mwanzu promptly decided to quit his job at a Nairobi-based bank and move back to his shagz to start a new business. As long as Mwanzu could remember

14 MARCH 2014

By Scott Bellows

Continuing in the Social Entrepreneurship series, what roles and responsibilities do corporations, non-profits/NGOs, donors, and investors play in society? Professor Paul Hudnut at Colorado State University ponders such questions in his research.

24 JANUARY 2014

By Scott Bellows

Oduwo hurriedly headed to Sharia House. The day finally reached whereby he would register a company and start his business. Following years practicing medicine in Kitale, Oduwo envisioned setting up affordable private family health clinics across Kenya