USIU-Africa’s newest undergraduate program will produce quality professionals for the regional and global economies’ fastest-growing sectors. The increased influx of foreign investment, the introduction of new investment vehicles and the expansion of regional economies and trading blocs, present new opportunities that B.Sc. in Finance graduates will be prepared to exploit.

In addition to a general education required for all undergraduate programs at USIU-Africa, the following are the core Finance courses including the three concentrations in Investment Management, Real Estate Finance and Economics.

MAJOR                                                              66 UNITS

LOWER DIVISION CORE COURSES                                            18 UNITS

ACT 1010   Principles of Accounting I

ACT 2010   Principles of Accounting II

BUS 1010   Introduction to Business Organizations

BUS 2020   Business Communications

ECO 1010   Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 1020   Principles of Macroeconomics

UPPER DIVISION CORE COURSES                                             48 UNITS

BUS 3010   Business Law

FIN   3010   Principles of Finance

MGT 3010   Overview of Management Practices

ACT 4060   Taxation I

ACT 4110   Taxation II

BUS 4020   Business Mathematics and Statistics

BUS 4030   Quantitative Methods

BUS 4070   Business Values & Ethics

BUS 4090   Strategic Management

FIN   4010   International Managerial Finance

FIN   4020   Corporate Finance

FIN   4030   Investments

FIN   4040   Money and Capital Markets

FIN   4050   Financial Information Systems

FIN   4060   Financial Management in the Public Sector

FIN   4950   Finance Project


FIN   4910   Finance Internship

Concentration                                               15 units

Investment Management

FIN   4110   Portfolio and Derivatives Management

FIN   4120   Pensions and Insurance

FIN   4130   Financial Analysis and Reporting

FIN   4140   Emerging Issues in Finance

FIN   4150   Financial Modelling

Real Estate Finance

FIN   4210   Real Estate Portfolio Management

FIN   4220   Real Estate Investment Analysis

FIN   4230   Real Estate Economics

FIN   4240   Property Law

FIN   4250   Real Estate Management and Consultancy


ECO 4010   Intermediate Microeconomics

ECO 4020   Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECO 4030   Economic Development

ECO 4040   Public Finance

ECO 4050   Health Finance and Economics

ECO4050    Health Finance and Economics