Physical Description

The proposed Coffee Shop shall be located at the Students Centre, whose construction shall commence soon. The University Coffee Shop is envisioned to be a fun place for all the university community members to mingle and enjoy refreshments, arts and activities.

Physical factors that will be considered in the finished Coffee Shop facility shall include pleasant aroma, adequate lighting, and comfortable furniture, access to a beautiful view, pleasant acoustics and appealing décor.

Costs and Targets

The cost of the coffee shop shall be approximately KES 4.5 million. Coincidentally, USIU is marking its 45th year of existence this year. It is in this spirit that the campaign aims at seeing the USIU community join efforts to raise KES. 4.5 Million in 45 days for the project; making it our very own.

So far, the Management Council has pledged KES 404,468.


Every USIU member is requested to play a part in making the coffee shop dream a reality both in individual and collective ways. For example, the challenge today is filling up the donation box with an amount that is within your discretion. Every day of the 45 days should amount to something if we are to meet our target. Money transfers and cash deposits are being made to account 10-2525 at the finance office.


Meeting the KES 4.5 million target gives the USIU family, exclusive rights to name the facility so let us do our best to claim this right. More details shall be shared as progress towards the target is made.

Make the Difference

Be a part of the Coffee@45 campaign and the exciting developments that are taking place within USIU!

For more information, contact the Fundraising and External Affairs office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


List of Organized Contributors

By day 12 of 45

Amount (KES)


Student’s Affairs Council



USIU Institute of Public Policy & International Affairs (IPPIA)



Pete’s Coffee



Coffee Board of Kenya




In-Kind Donations

By day 12 of 45

Amount (KES)


Smart Printers Limited