HPC for Research & Innovation Forum
UNEA Nairobi, Kenya
1 - 4 December, 2017

Day 1, Friday December 1, 2017 USIU-Africa Auditorium

0800 - 9000 Registration
0900 - 0920 Welcome & Introductions
Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, Vice Chancellor, United States International University – Africa and Chair, Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP) Advisory Council
0920 –1050 HPC in Africa: The Gains and the losses.
Objective: Introduce and Educate participants on HPC and its development in Africa in relation to the rest of the World
Discussants:  Two people (1 from Higher Education) to discuss and critique the presentation giving the audience an opportunity to understand the concept and how it applies to their work.
Session Chair: Sponsor
1050 – 1120:  Tea Break
 1120 - 1250  HPC Advancing Development
Objective: Share best practices on how HPC contributes to / determines successes in different sectors
Discussants: Government, Research Institutions, Development Partners, Private Sector, Education
Sesssion Chair: Government or Development Partner
 1250 - 1400 Lunch Break 
1400 - 1530  Modern Data Center
Objective: The need for relevant and safe data for various sectors
Discussants: Policy, Financial, Technologinal, Manufacturing, Higher Education, & Research Sectors 
Session chair: Intel
 1530 - 1630 Visit to the Innovation Center Exhibition & Evaluations 
 1630 - 1700  Closing Ceremony & Awards: Prof. Ruthie Rono, DVCA & SA, USIU-Africa