The Young Alumni Netwrok was set up in July 2016 to be a voice among USIU-Africa’s young alumni, providing tools necessary to increase their numbers and engagement in the USIU-Africa Alumni Association. This will be achieved through engagement in various programs and events tailored for them.

Our Purpose:
The Young Alumni Network was formed to mirror the Association’s core values by addressing the needs of alumni aged below 30 years as well as the 10 years preceiding the current graduating class.

Our objectives:
The objectives of the Young Alumni Network shall be to:
  • Create the first point of contact with the graduates as part of the main Alumni Association.
  • Provide a platform for professional and personal development for the Young Alumni.
  • Strengthen life long relationships with the university through voluntary provision of time, talent. skills and financial resources.
  • Ensure that the vibrancy of the Young Alumni Network membership feeds into the overal Alumni Association.

Our Focus:
The focus of the Young Alumni Network 2016/7 is to build membership and engage young alumni