Alumni Endowment FundDinner
Rhodes Scholar Elect 2018 Ruth Nyakerario (IR ‘17) elaborates how her educational career at USIU-Africa and soon to be at Oxford University would not have been possible without financial aid. Looking on is Master of Ceremony Mr. Ernest Wamboye (Journalism ‘11) PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Beatrice Munyiva

Over 300 USIU-Africa alumni, faculty, staff and friends of USIU-Africa came together on Friday August 3, to give towards establishment of an Alumni Endowment Fund, that will benefit bright but disadvantaged students in acquiring a world class education at USIU-Africa.

The Endowment Fund launch at Mövenpick Hotel and Residences in Nairobi, featured Daisy Wanzala (IR ‘15) and Ogutu Muraya (IR ‘11) - alumni who previously benefited from financial aid during their college career at USIU-Africa - describing the life-changing impact the aid had on their lives.

IR Sophomore Antonio Longangi,shared his arduous journey to undertaking his academic career at USIU-Africa beginning in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a journey that continues in no small part thanks to the University’s various financial aid programs.