The following are the things that the Alumni Affairs Office has done

  • Build a Fund Raising Platform for the Alumni to raise funds for the development of the University’s projects
  • Build on academic programs through various platforms such as mentorship program,
  • Building an accurate Alumni Data Base
  • Profiling of senior Alumni in both the Government and the corporate world
  • Preparing to launch an Endowment Fund
  • Resolving Associations Governance structure by revamping the current Alumni Constitution
  • Current Alumni structure:
    • Secretariat run by the Alumni Affairs Office under the DVC, Institutional Planning and Advancement Division
    • Decision making policy body which shall be referred to as the transition committee comprises of the following members:
      • George Rutto Chair
      • Hassan Bashir Chair, Academic Committee
      • Jacob Ogola Chair, Development and fundraising Committee
      • Dolly S-Onyoni Chair, Membership Committee
      • Ian Mukuria Chair, Public Relations Committee
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