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Grades Access and Registration Web Site
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Spring 2015 Pre-registration Check 

Enter Your Student ID:
Please use your Student ID in the form above to check for your scheduled registration time. 

Checklist for Pre-registration

Do You have a login name and password ?
  You require a username (student ID number) and a password to access the grades and registration section of the web site. Remember that your login name and password to this section is NOT the same as your network login or email address.
  You can obtain your login information from the registrar's office.
Have you met the Course Requisites for the Course you're registering ?
Some courses require that you have fulfilled other courses prior to registering for that course.
Therefore, you need to have done the pre-requisite course or seek an exemption from the Academic Advisor.
For further information regarding course requisites, please refer to our academic catalogue
Leave of Absence (LOA)?
  Have you been absent from the university without an approved Leave of Absence (LOA)? You must be readmitted prior to registration
Have you been financially cleared ?
  Any outstanding balances need to be cleared with the Finance Department prior to the pre-registration period. For balance enquiries, login into the Grades and Registration part of our web site. For more inquiries, contact the Finance office - email address : Tel no. 254 020 3606403
Do you have any Academic Holds (that is, Academic Warning or Probation or Dismissal).
  You have to seek clearance prior to pre-registration pre-registration period from the offices below.
Academic Program Administrator,
School of Business
Office Tel. no: 254 020 3606418
Isaac Chuma
[ ]
Academic Program Administrator
School of Arts & Sciences
Office Tel. no: 254 020 3606226
Lynette Nzioki

Student Datasheets
You can obtain your Student Datasheet (Labeled as Course & Fee Statement) within the grades & registration section of our web site.  The Student Datasheet on the web also contains;

   1. Biographical Information
   2. Degree Program
   3. Courses Registered for, Including Course Name, section, credit hours, attendance days, meeting times, and venue.
   4. Charges assessed for the courses registered.
   5. Financial Aid awarded, if any
   6. Current Student Balance.

The administration will no longer be printing out student datasheets since they are readily available on the Internet. 

Technical Difficulties when using our web site

Having technical difficulties while accessing or registering for courses on our web site?
Please get in touch with Help Desk, Lillian K Beam Building for further assistance.

Tel: 20-3606333

[ When requesting for assistance, please indicate your full names, student ID number, and the nature of your problem ]

Note - We do NOT issue passwords to users.

Using Grades & Registration Section

Please note that your login name and password are DIFFERENT from your USIU network and email accounts.

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