Department of Health Services

The Health Center provides a holistic approach to all health needs through the processes outlined below:

Procedure for seeking medical treatment at the Health Center

  • Patients seeking medical care at the USIU - Africa Health Center are required to register at the reception desk with their student/employee ID, thereafter are sent to the triage area where the nursing team takes the patient's vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, weight and (when need be) blood sugar. A brief history of the reason for visiting the Health Center is also required at this point.

  • The patient may be asked to wait in the waiting area as there could be other patients queued. Patience is necessary at this point as several patients (either fellow students or employees) are being attended to concurrently.

  • Once this step is completed, the patient will be directed to either the clinician or doctor’s consultation room, and await their turn (if there is a queue) on the comfortable seating provided along the corridor.

  • At the clinician/doctor's consultation, a history of the patient's condition and a physical examination are carried out, and thereafter, if need be, the patient will be requested to undergo diagnostic testing at the pharmacy, or referred to specialist care (when a need is identified).

  • At the pharmacy, the drugs prescribed are dispensed and handed over to the patient.

  • In case of lab tests being needed, the patient will be referred to an external lab, which are then expected to be returned during a subsequent review of the results. Where applicable, the clinician or doctor can guide the patient on how to use the medical cover to access laboratory services or referrals.

Please note that during a visit to the Center, any clarification on a patient’s condition can be discussed with the clinician attending to the patient.

Sport Injuries

For student members of university sports teams, a GPA sports cover provides a medical cover for injuries sustained while playing for the University. In case of injuries sustained on campus or within Nairobi, medical care can be accessed at Aga Khan University Hospital through a letter of undertaking from the USIU-Africa Health Center and a claim form that is provided at the Health Center. For injuries sustained while playing outside Nairobi, a contingency is available to provide the care needed.

Emergency treatment on campus

In case of an emergency on campus, the process to follow is:

  • Please contact the Health Center on the following number 0730116759
  • The medical team on call will require basic information regarding the patient’s condition at this point. Accurate and coherent information is required at this juncture to ensure the correct team is dispatched.
  • There after a team will be dispatched to the emergency site, to attend to the emergency and transfer the patient either to the Health Center, where the necessary treatment and a management plan will be assessed.
  • In case a hospital referral is required, the University ambulance will transport the patient to the hospital. This ambulance service is intended exclusively for emergencies.

In cases of emergencies brought to the Health Center, the following process will be followed:

  • The patient information should be given at the reception desk, so as to avail the necessary to staff to assist. Please co-operate with the questions you may be asked as the staff need to assess what equipment may be needed.
  • Assistance to take the patient to the treatment room is given. Note that the patient is not required to wait in the que to be served in this case.
  • The clinician/ doctor will attend to the patient. At this point the care giver bringing in the patient may be requested to wait in the waiting area and may also be required to give information so as to make a correct assessment of the patient’s condition and management option.

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