Department of Health Services

The health  centre provides a holistic  approach to  your  health needs below are the processes to  follow when visiting  the  health centre .
  • Patients seeking medical care  at  the USIU- Africa health  centre are required to register at  the reception desk  with their student ID , thereafter are  sent to  the  triage area  where the nursing team  takes  your  vital signs  which include  temperature , blood  pressure, weight and when  need be  blood sugar. A  brief history of  the reason you  are visiting the health  centre is also  required at this  point.
  • You may be asked  to wait in the waiting area as there could be a  que  waiting to  be served .Please  be patient at  this  point as  we are attending to your fellow  colleagues at the  same  time as you.
  • Once  this step is  completed you  will be sent to either the  clinician or  doctors consultation room where you  may  have to wait  in a  que  to be served.
  • At the clinician/ doctors consultation ,a  history  of your condition and physical  examination will  be carried  out  thereafter  if  need  be you will  be  sent for either diagnostic  testing ,to the  pharmacy, or  referral  given for  specialist care when need arises .
  • At the  pharmacy  the drugs  prescribed  for  you  are dispensed and handed over  to you.
  • In  case of  lab tests  being needed, you  will  be  referred to  an external lab and are expected to return for a review with the results. Please  note  if you have a medical insurance  cover , either  personal or  from the university please  inform the clinician or doctor so they  can guide you on how to  use it  to  access laboratory services or  referrals .
  • For the students in the sports teams , they  have a  GPA sports  cover that  provides a medical  cover for  them for injuries  sustained  while playing for the university . In case of  injuries sustained  on campus  or  within Nairobi  you can  access care  at  Aga Khan University Hospital with a  letter of undertaking  from the USIU-A health centre  and a  claim form that is  given to you at the health  centre. For injuries sustained  while  playing outside  Nairobi  , a contingency  is  set up to  get you the  care needed .