I wish to thank all of you who participated in the demonstration this morning. It was truly an impressive event. We showed the world the real character and quality of USIU-Africa. It was peaceful, powerful, and even joyful, a model on how to exercise democratic and constitutional rights responsibly. I felt immensely proud of being a member of this extraordinary university.

My special gratitude goes to the students for turning up in such large numbers and the marshals for maintaining order.

I wish to share with you a couple of developments following the demonstration.

First, a team from USIU-Africa and our external counsel were invited to meet with the CS for Lands Professor Jacob Kaimenyi late this afternoon. It was a fruitful meeting.

Second, we have shared with the media a detailed report on history of the ownership of the invaded land in Muthaiga North prepared by our external counsel. The report is reproduced below. It shows without a shadow of doubt that USIU-Africa has been in possession of this land since 1999.

I will keep you updated on developments as they occur. Once again, thank you for participating in the demonstration today. I know those of you who were unable to join us physically were with us in spirit.

The following is a brief history of the above property, from 1982 to date:

1) The property was originally part of L.R.No.12422 (“original land”) owned by a company called Joreth Limited.

2) On 30th March 1982, Joreth Limited transferred two portions of the original land namely L.R.Nos.12422/18 and 12422/19 to H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi CGH, MP (“H.E.”). The two portions measured 8.223 and 8.071 hectares respectively, total 16.294 hectares or approximately 40.246 acres.

3) Upon registration of the transfers of the two portions, H.E. was issued with two certificates of title numbers I.R.36414 and I.R. 36415.

4) On 26th March 1984, H.E. surrendered the two portions to the Government, in exchange for which the Government issued him with one title deed, being grant number I.R.38524.

5) Arising out of the surrender, the two portions were consolidated into one piece which was allocated a new number i.e.L.R.No.12597 (original numbers 12422/18 and 12422/19) measuring 16.295 hectares.

6) By a deed of transfer dated 10thNovember 1988, registered as Numbers I.R.38523/2 and 38524/2, entered into between H.E., and Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Magugu both parties being sellers and DPS International Limited as purchaser, H.E. transferred L.R.No.12597 (original numbers 12422/18 and 12422/19) while Mr. & Mrs. Magugu transferred L.R.No.12608 (original number 12422/17) to DPS International Limited.

7) By a deed of transfer dated 26th February 1990, registered as Numbers I.R.38523/5 and I.R.38524/5, DPS International Limited transferred L.R.Nos.12597 and 12608 to Insurance Company of East Africa Limited.

8) By a deed of transfer dated 4th May 1999, registered as Number I.R.38523/8 and I.R.38524/8, Insurance Company of East Africa Limited transferred L.R.Nos.12597 and 12608 to United States International University (“USIU”).

9) By an agreement dated 24th January 2001 entered into between USIU and Balozi Housing Co-operative Society Limited (“Balozi”) who owned an adjacent piece of land numbered 12422/6, it was agreed between the parties that the parties would excise approximately 10 acres from their respective lands and would exchange the excised portions.

10) USIU proceeded and subdivided their land, L.R.No.12597, into two portions which were numbered 12597/1 and 12597/2.

11) USIU retained L.R.No.12597/2 measuring 12.14 hectares (approximately 30 acres) and transferred to Balozi L.R.No.12597/1 measuring 4.150 hectares (approximately 10 acres) in exchange for which Balozi transferred to USIU L.R.No.12422/550 measuring 4.150 hectares (approximately 10.25 acres). The deed of exchange was duly registered in the registry of titles, and each of the parties were issued with new title deeds. USIU’s title is certificate of title number I.R.106361 dated 14th June 2007.

Original and/or copies of the documents referred to above are available.

If you require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Legal Counsel, Ms. Helen Ambasa, or Mr. Paul Ndungu of Ndungu Njoroge & Kwach Advocates, external Counsel.