Mr.GitahiOn behalf of the USIU-Africa Board of Trustees, welcome to the USIU-Africa community. I am honored to represent the university as Chair of the Board of Trustees and equally proud to be an alumnus who holds in the highest regard all that USIU-Africa has to offer - not only to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, but to our local, national, and global community.

The USIU-Africa Board of Trustees is responsible for the university's governance as the topmost decision making body, and as a result, is integral to determining how the university meets the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Under the Charter, the Board of Trustees exercises the following functions:

  1. appoint members of the University Council;
  2. raise funds for the benefit of the university;
  3. promote the objects of the university;
  4. appoint the university Chancellor;
  5. receive the audit of USIU;
  6. investigate complaints arising from the operations of USIU that would affect the sustainability or integrity of USIU-Africa;
  7. approve the investment of funds.

These are exciting times for the USIU-Africa community as we embark on a transition into the future following a period of transformative growth and change. We continue to nurture and enhance our distinction in academic achievement and community service. We feel uniquely positioned to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge as a comprehensive academic institution located on the outskirts of our nation's capital straddled between the Kiambu and Nairobi Counties.

The USIU-Africa Board of Trustees is focused on how this great university will play a role on the global stage and contribute to the transformation that will shape the years ahead. From the business, arts and humanities, science and technology, our broad and diverse community embraces the possibilities with confidence in our commitment, capability, and passion.

We have a lot to share as USIU-Africa takes its place among the most respected and admired institutions of higher learning in the world.


Mr. Linus Gitahi, MBS

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