Counseling Services has organized a three-day Disability Awareness Week on campus themed “Full participation and Equality for All -The Future We Want”, to increase awareness on disability matters. A forum on Wednesday, November 30 at the Library Bookshop, which will create a discussion space for interaction and dialogue on diverse disability issues, as well as a platform for sharing of real-life experiences from persons with disabilities, and those with a broader experience in relating to people with disabilities.
Dr. David Ole Sankok (Chairman, National Council of People with Disabilities), Dr. Michael Ndurumo (Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Nairobi; Founder, Africa Institute for Deaf Studies Research), as well as representatives from the Action Network for Disabled Youth, Deaf Empowerment Kenya, Association for Safe International Road Travel, Ability Africa Magazine among others will make remarks.
Dr. Josepine Arasa (Associate Professor of Psychology) will also make a presentation on a current taskforce working under the auspices of the Kenyan universities’ accrediting body - Commission for University Education – to craft official guidelines on how universities should handle students living with disabilities.
The week coincides with the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which will be celebrated on Saturday, December 4.