A book review article by Dr. Kioko Ireri, an Assistant ProfessorofJournalismandMassCommunication has been published in the current issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (JMCQ) -- the world’s oldest journal in the journalism field, since1924.
The reviewed book, Journalism and Political Exclusion is authored by Professor DebraM.Clarke,anAssociate Professor of Sociology at Trent University, Canada. Clarke uses comprehensive data from studies on reception research to strongly demonstrate that in spite of the hype and optimism associated with digital media, the new phenomenon is no departure from the traditional media, as it continues to perpetuate “information poverty,” resulting in political disengagement.
Basically, the point that Clarke is driving home is that journalism practice—whether traditional or digital—creates political alienation, mostly among those of low socio-economics tatus and women.These are the population segments that particularly experience     information     poverty,     despite     the proliferation of news sources in the “information age.”
She argues that these groups are reduced to “non-publics” and excluded from the “public sphere.” JMCQ, a highly respected publication is a flagship journal for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) -- the largest American organization for academics in the field. Dr. Ireri has reviewed books and research articles for JMCQ since 2014.