Dr. Simeon Sungi (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice)deliveredtheinauguralInstituteofPublicPolicy andInternationalAffairs(IPPIA)MonthlyPublicLecture on Friday, December 18, on “Teaching Ethics in InstitutionsofHigherLearninginAfrica.”Hespoketoa group of graduate and doctoral international relations students on the moral erosion of values in student attitudes toward education. He recommended the inclusion of a morality component in all courses delivered in a university, as the first step towards changingethicalbehavioroncampus.
The IPPIA monthly lecture series, is designed to contribute to a body of knowledge useful to the university community, and in particular graduate students of international relations. The Institute was formed to provide technical assistance and capacity building support to governments, in order to improve and transform governance through innovation, research, technical assistance, and training.
The next lecture will be on Friday, January 27 at the Library Conference Room, on the topic “Academic Freedom, Staff Welfare and Quality Education in Universities: An Anatomy of Corruption and Exploitation.”